UltraDeck is engineered to be easy to clean and maintain. With little effort, and even less time, you'll have your deck looking its best and be ready to LIVE THE DECK LIFE as soon as the sun is out.
Scrubbing Deck
SCRUBBING UltraDeck products don't require harsh cleaners or deck brighteners. Light scrubbing with a simple mix of dish soap and water should remove most stains that have not set for too long.
Pressure Washing Scene
PRESSURE WASHING For harder to move stains, you can use a pressure washer. Make sure the spray is fanned out, and don't get too close to the deck surface, as a concentrated steam of high-pressure water can cause damage.
Cleaning Chemicals
CHEMICALS Mild chemical cleaners can be used to remove set-in stains. If you do choose to use a chemical cleaner, test it on a small, discreet portion of your deck before applying to the entire surface. If you're not sure what chemical to use, best to contact us for guidance.
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